Personal Training

Joe Byczek

"When they say it's impossible, it's possible!

The word Impossible itself says I'm possible.

Joe Byczek: ISSA Certified personal trainer & nutritionist, CPR 123 Heart Saver AED certified

My goal is to show people that no matter what their fitness goals are, it’s not impossible to achieve them. Through the right combination of exercise, nutrition, supplement plan, dedication, and hard work, any goal can be achieved. Through personal training, I want to inspire others to see that the only obstacles they have to overcome are the ones they place in front of themselves. How can I be so sure? well not only am I a personal trainer who lives the life style, but I also used to weigh 355lbs and I am proud to say in under 8 months I am now 198 lbs and it was all through hard work and commitment. Through those same principles, I can show you how make what you once felt impossible, possible.

Ural Martin

Ural Martin has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of fitness training, specializing in Functional performance training. He has helped countless individuals reached their goals through sound program design and scientific training, with individual and group training.

Through the years, Ural has recognized the needs for individualized program design to maximize ones goals. Regardless of age, gender or level of fitness, he works to motivates his clients to achieve their goals, such as weight loss, conditioning and cardiovascular fitness.

Ural has been certified by NASM-National Academy of Sports Medicine, As a Personal Trainer and in advanced Specialization! Corrective Exercise Exercise Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, and Behavior Change Specialist.

As a marathon and long distance runner, Ural has utilize his personal experience as an athlete and combine it with his advance cardio respiratory and resistance training to help his clients achieves their goal.

Ural believe that life is functional so training should be functional for better performance and improvement of daily living.

Rachel Sito

I am an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer who is determined to help all my clients reach their full fitness potential. I specialize in weight loss as well as strength training. I specialize in these two specifically because I have undergone extreme weight loss myself and while still maintaining my weight, focus on strength and gaining muscle.

I am very passionate about fitness and am always willing to go above and beyond to help every client personally achieve their specific goals. Both men and women have both reached significant progress with my diet and workout programs and I know you will too!


Born and Raised in Brooklyn New York, Edwin has always been a fitness enthusiast. Playing sports, learning the martial arts and working out at a very young age would stick to him for years to come. It wasn't until the death of his mother that he realized health played such an important part in life.

The passion that would soon continue for years to come gave birth. Life has a funny way of revealing itself. Soon after he would fuel his drive and learn every muscle of the human body. Getting his personal training certificate was just a small step in a long and challenging road ahead. Now a uniformed member of the NYPD, a certified personal trainer at Golds Gym in Queens New York, Edwin would take it a step further and put his skills to the test. In 2016 he competed in his first bodybuilding show in Men's Physique and would take 3rd place. This was just the beginning and a new fire was lit. Edwin looks forward to helping others achieve their fitness goals with the same determination, focus and motivation he learned throughout the years. You can follow his fitness journey on Instagram at EP_Fitness.

Sharon Murphy

My name is Sharon Murphy I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have been working as a Fitness professional at Gold's Gym for over ten years.

I believe each person is an individual And therefore I design fitness programs That are specific to each person by incorporating but not Limited to, the five components of exercise Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, Muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility. If you are new to exercise , post maternity, Or just need something different, we can collaborate And develop a program specific to your goals . Let's work together to get you to that Ideal fitness level .

Angela Benedetto

Fitness has been a part of my life for 30 years and have been working the field for 20 years. My certifications include, step, kickbox, yogafit levels 1 & 2, personal training, group fitness, stability ball, gear, weight room resistance, and health coach. I personally love fitness and know the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I understand the challenges that come with eating clean and applying the proper exercise routine into your life.

I am always available to share my knowledge, motivate and will continue my education!

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